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In 2019 a group of people had the idea to begin a news and media site that makes every possible attempt to bring factual information to the Forney area. After watching other sites either post completely false information or have a bias in who they posted for, it was time for a change. Behind the scenes they planned and discussed their journey to bring this to fruition. In 2022 they launched a Facebook page and began sharing information about the community with factual validation to what was shared. Now in 2023 the website has been launched and our hope is to continue the belief and values that started this great company, ultimately benefiting the citizens and businesses of Forney Texas.

Our group is comprised of multiple people who contribute from research, writing, and more. The backgrounds of our group coming from public communication, to long time residents, and even previous Forney graduates. We welcome all to read and we hope you find helpful information in know what happens in and around the city of Forney. If you have something you want us to write about or share, please reach out to us!

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