Forney Dog Park Update

Last night the Parks Board met for their monthly meeting and was given an update regarding the new dog park which is being donated to the city. In the spring of 2021, city council approved the final plat for the Oak Creek Subdivision revision that had been requested by the developer. Oak Creek is located on FM 548 directly across from Chestnut Meadows and the Chestnut Meadows community pool. Part of their requested change was to have some smaller lots allowed but reducing the original amount of lots from their original plat plan approved in the early 2000’s. Part of the revision was also to meet the city codes requiring either land or fees in lieu of for parkland dedication. The city and the developer agreed to a dog park to be built by the developer and when completed, the city would take ownership of the property and begin the maintenance and operations of the new dog park, opening it to the public. Currently the dog park is still owned by the developer and is not public domain.

If you have visited the park in the large dog park pen, you may have seen the rather large mound created and seen the drainage issues it has caused for the park which was deemed unacceptable by the city staff.

At the meeting last night, parks director Kyle Rouvaldt told the board that the developer has contacted the city on November 6th with a plan to rectify these issues. They believe within the next 30 days to have approval for drainage plans within the 3 easements they will have to work on and with to fix these drainage problems. They will then begin construction shortly after that once the approvals have been given by the governing bodies. This area of the large dog park will likely see construction beginning within the next few months as stated by Mr. Rouvaldt. Once the park is deemed acceptable by city staff, an adoption of the land and park will be done by city council in acceptance for the parkland dedication. The dog park will be open to the public after that time and possibly some grand opening planned for the community.