Update – Vote YES Forney ISD SPAC article from 10/23/23

On Monday morning 10/23/2023 at 5:00am our article regarding the financial reporting that was due on 10/10/2023 by the Vote YES Forney ISD Special Political Action Committee (SPAC) was published.

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At 9:31am the SPAC posted on their social media site they had filed but our researchers noticed that it stated electronically filed and was missing a date. Their statement was the Texas Ethics Committee, the governing body who regulates GPAC and SPAC filings, has not yet posted their report.

They have also since created a page this week on their website titled Transparency to address their filings and has their version of the forms missing dates loaded on their website.

In our research following this being posted, we continued to collect data for this update and included staff having conversations with the Texas Ethics Committee (TEC) for clarification and information.

The SPAC did submit a proper Change Appointment of Campaign Treasurer September 6th 2023 which re-opens the SPAC from it’s dissolution filing in 2022. This was filed with Forney ISD and then emailed to the TEC with a confirmation from Jay Pritchard, the founder and president of Upward Public Affairs.

In our conversations with the TEC, they stated that when a filing is submitted electronically their system automatically adds the date to the filing as seen in the documents downloaded directly from the TEC website. We were also directed to the front page of the SPAC filer which shows it was filed on 10/23/2023 but was due on 10/10/2023 and was electronically filed. When asked, it was stated there is an electronic record in the system that this filing was made at 9:49am on 10/23/2023, and the TEC was not aware of any problems with their site, nor have their been any complaints filed for difficulty with their system or website.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information may arise.

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