Forney ISD Seeking Alcohol License

At last night’s Forney Economic Development Corporations Board (EDC) meeting, February 8th 2024, it was stated that the Forney ISD has promised potential tenants they are in the process of obtaining a license for alcoholic beverages to be served at the Keith Bell Opportunity Central (The OC). Forney ISD is working with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to obtain the proper licenses to allow the tenants such as restaurants the ability to serve alcoholic beverages inside the The OC located at 680 Innovation Way, Forney, TX 75126. Currently the City of Forney ordinance 4.02.004 B prohibits the Sale for On-Premise Consumption near Church, School, or Hospital by 300′ and would require a variance approved by city council if the Forney ISD were to obtain a license from the TABC. Part C of the same ordinance prohibits the sale within 300′ of a daycare or childcare facility. The OC has a pre-K program located on the west side of the OC building for early childhood education. As stated by Forney ISD Superintendent, Dr. Justin Terry, in a video about The Opportunity Central, “The OC was designed for 3 year olds, all the way the way to senior adults, to engage in infinite opportunities.” He then continues to explain the educational opportunities for high school students, the early childhood education center, and the opportunities for potential events in the OC. Multiple sources have stated prior the grand opening last Friday, February 2nd 2024, Dr. Terry has stated on multiple occasions that he has been working on getting a license for alcohol service at The Keith Bell Opportunity Central for the future.

This is a developing story. Updates will be posted as information is obtained.

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