Forney’s New Dog Park

In 2021 the developer for Oak Creek, which is across FM 548 from Chestnut Meadows, came to Forney city council for a change to their already approved plat plan. They had previously gotten a plat approval in the early 2000s as part of the Chestnut Meadows development, but the market has changed since that time. The developer requested to make a handful of lots 40′ instead of the original larger sizes, but because of the redesign of layout, actually decreased the total houses that would be built from the original plans. Part of their contract with the city is to dedicate land or fees in lieu of land for parks as required by our current building codes. The offer they made to the city was in lieu of the fees they had planned, they would build and donate the land and dog park to the city. Council voted to approve and now this dog park is almost complete. As you drive by Ashwood Lane on FM 548, you may have noticed the black fencing and recent new dog park sign installed.

A small parking lot and pavillion area has been built, with two dog areas, one for larger breeds and one for smaller breeds.

This design fits with many other dog parks around the country allowing dog owners to decide where their pup gets to play. There is a water fountain with a lower fountain available for the dogs as well.

While this park is still incomplete and not open to the public yet, the developer and city parks department are working on final punch lists for the developer to complete. Once the list is complete, the city will officially take ownership and then work to an opening date, and maintenance of the park. We will post more in the future as to when this park opens officially and if/when the city holds a grand opening ceremony.

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